It doesn’t take much for a man’s confidence to be blown to pieces, and one of the most sensitive issues for a man can be his sexual performance. In most areas, a man can build up his confidence and become quite impervious to failure or ridicule, but men can be extremely vulnerable around sex and related topics.

Once a man starts to doubt his ability, he might be uncomfortable getting into situations that might lead to sex, and his adrenaline can kick in. Adrenaline is released in response to states of shock, stress and anxiety, and it has a number of effects, including speeding up the heart and constricting blood vessels. These two effects lead to blood being diverted away from the periphery and towards the life-sustaining organs of the body, meaning:

The thought of sex excites the man, giving him an increased heart rate. This results in extra blood flow around the body.

Immediately that happens, the fear of failure causes ‘performance anxiety’. This results in a release of adrenaline, constricting the peripheral arteries of the body.

There is now less blood supply to the penis than will be required to achieve or maintain an erection.

If a man encounters just one humiliating experience during sex, such as losing his erection, this can have immediate results, including anxiety and the release of adrenaline. If this happens repeatedly, you might begin to doubt your abilities, and prefer to avoid humiliation: you might start avoiding sex.


Some men take years to see a doctor, possibly living a lonely life because of this fear of failure – not realizing that this problem can be fixed. In fact, years later, some men have even forgotten why they stopped having sex in the first place. Many of these men will complain of a low libido.


When we investigate their medical history, the problem might not be a lack of desire for sex, but rather a subconscious belief that they’re incapable. These men can respond exceptionally well to treatment of their erectile dysfunction with StaminaFit® a natural product.

This highlights the dilemma: i.e. for most men, the most difficult issue is having to admit that they have a problem at all. This can now be a thing of the past StaminaFit® has helped thousands of men restore their sex life!!

StaminaFit® is a specially formulated preparation consisting of 7 powerful pure plant extracts that have been used effectively for centuries.


These ingredients have now been scientifically combined to ensure that each one produces maximum benefit not only by enhancing libido and increasing sexual performance but also by aiding and assisting in general health, mental clarity and cell restoration.


The stress placed on us in our modern lifestyle caused by work pressures, bad eating habits, alcohol consumption and smoking are all contributing factors to the lack of libido, ageing process and sexual performance and are often the causes of erectile dysfunction.